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For over 7 years, our boutique has been delivering on our promise to provide unique campaigns that are both visually engaging yet consumer friendly. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients.

Our award-winning marketers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. From original content creation to complete renovations, we got this.

We are a different kind of marketing group. Young and progressive, and our overall approach rejects the notion of recreating "the same ol' thing." We believe strongly in innovation, evidenced by the fact that dirt geek media offers functionality that you can't find anywhere else. Coupled with that innovation is a desire to make the entire marketing management process as enjoyable as possible. Nobody wants to spend their time using a product that is boring and monotonous. We know that, so we strive to ensure that dirt geek media offers its clients a powerful, well-rounded blend of both functionality and fun.

Clients include:

Hectik by Natalia

Elio's Optical

Sensus Healthcare

Barre Elements

Aventura Jewelry and Coin

Chef Baba Cooking Class

Birthday Comp

David Isaac NY

Anna Stupak Fitness

Tairo International

World Spirits Network

Maxime Photo and Video

Curly Surf and Skate




Dash From The Past

SMK Realty and Investments

JBeFit Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Premier Cell Therapy Center of Miami

Neme Gastro Bar

​The Art Chamber

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Horn Capital and Realty

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Tired of Losing

​La Defensa

Go Higher

Solé On the Ocean

​Fruit Fresh

Mountain Groove Production

Brownsville Presents

​Signature Auto Body

Pearl Benefits Insurance

​Liquor Mart 7

Levy Learning Center

​Latin Red Light

Sexlets Gum

​Talia's Tuscan Table

GreenTech Laboratories

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