We're the Dirt Geeks

We've built our own brands in the past. Now we're here to help build yours.

We'll know your business like our own.

The way we help you grow your business is by knowing it from the inside out. We’re not looking for just numbers, but sustainability.

We'll develop a strategy to hit your goals.

First on the agenda is to develop a path to success. Together we'll draw a plan and create a strategy to achieve your goals.

We don't stop until we're done!

A plan doesn't work unless it's executed. We do everything it takes to get you results. We don't stop when we're tired, we stop when we're done.





Success Stories

Here's a Story

Dirt Geek Media is an interactive media production company made up of a team of talented visionaries that are committed to pushing the boundaries of the unknown through technology, creative, production, and strategic services for clients including major artists, brands and corporations.

We work with our clients to create exciting and influential content through our uniquely creative ideas and vast knowledge of the multimedia universe. By executing projects from concept to completion, Dirt Geek Media provide clients with an unprecedented approach to modern media giving access to a fully accessible horizontal platform.

We are best known for our wide range of web, short-form, digital, and video content for stars, online influencers, and corporations, including Poncho DeAnda, iKabron, International Auto Show, Bandito Brothers, Compass Health, among dozens of others. An Inc. 500 award- winning directing collective, The Dirt Geek have been named “best newpreneur” by Inc. Magazine and Alibaba, has won multiple awards and are the youngest independent agency to win a Best in its Class at AI Global, all for social media and brand engagement.



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