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Our passion for search engine advertising drove us to create an advertising platform. It’s now on millions of computers in the United States.

What if you could have the exclusive rights to a keyword that displayed a 1200×300 display ad to an audience of millions of consumers every time your exact match keyword was used in a search query?

With this tool, you have exclusive ownership of your prime keywords.

"This is the most transformative technology to come along in the online advertising industry since retargeting!"

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Your ad displays in response to a search using a keyword you own.

Over the last two years we have been quietly developing a new and transformative advertising network that is altering search engine advertising. Working with dozens of existing software developers, our team has built a frame extension that is only activated when a search engine user types in an exact match keyword that has been secured by one of our clients. As of October 2019 our network now incorporates millions of computers, 90% of them in the United States. The system is very simple to understand, and we are breaking new ground for revenue potential. When a potential customer types in an exact match keyword in the browser address bar or in search bar of major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, and more, a fully relevant banner ad will appear above the search result page, in effect dominating the page. The advantage of these ads are attention grabbers. The user clicks on your ad and they’re directly taken to a landing page that provides them with the exact product, service or other information they were just searching for, and the advertiser has the opportunity to convert them into a customer. Your brand name and keyword(s) can be exclusively purchased up by you for a year or multiple years. There is no second place. Only one company can control each keyword. Because the company that control the keyword for a foreseeable future owns the market.

Overnet Billboard Technology


We guarantee

Top Placement of your website

on all search engines like:


To name a few.

Try it Yourself. See How it Works.

Visualize how search engine users experience our Keyword System. This is a demonstration only. We can create a custom banner for you, or provide your own.


*Chrome users must upgrade their browser to experience the power of our Overnet Billboard Technology


*Firefox users must upgrade their browser to experience the power of our Overnet Billboard Technology

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List your keywords here. Only one company can own a specific keyword. When multiple entities have contracted for a keyword simultaneously, the company that actually secures it will be determined by receipt of their payment.

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